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Braintree High's football team got a glimpse of a very different Barnsley squad this season, who are now among the best in the state. Winger Brian Frieh carried the ball for his career-high 337 yards and four touchdowns, while Barn Stall ran for 337 yards and scored on two touchdown passes from wide receiver Matt O'Brien. Barnstead, ranked 10th in the U.S. by the Boston Globe, has a 2-0 record for the first time since the 2012 season. The Bruins (3-1, 1-2) scored three times in their first two games of the season.

The Wamps led the Red Raiders with 20 points last year, but have been outplayed on both sides of the ball this year. Braintree forgot to get closer to the end zone, while Barnsley's defence has shut out an opponent in seven of eight quarters this season. The Red Raiders also avoided any missteps and put themselves in position on Saturday to pick up their first win against a top-10 team in the state since the 2012 season.

Barnstable made one of his few errors in the second quarter when senior J. Adaro France was awarded a 15-yard penalty on a 2-on-2 play. Frieh made a tackle on a 35-yard line that tricked the defense into the end zone of the next play and then another tackle.

The only miss was intercepted by Braintree junior Jack McCarthy in the final minute of the second quarter. It turned out that 98 yards was no problem for Barnsley as the Red Raiders ended up in midfield after six games. Tellier completed a 22-yard pass to junior Ryan Boyle for a touchdown on a fake punt in the third quarter, but the Wamps' drive stalled.

Barnstable senior quarterback Nick Wilson completed 3 of 4 passes for 71 yards and senior Luke Locascio caught a fumble the next. The Red Raiders had some big plays, but passes weren't often off the menu, and the Wamps marched down the 21 in 11 games. Wilson completed his first pass and Locadia caught a routine fly ball that floundered off the outfield. Barnsley operate a similar wing - T-Offense, built around 4-yard chunk runs so passes are not often on the menu.

Braintree's longest play from the baseline was 18 yards, and Braintree, who rushed for 120 yards, got 12 passes for 27 yards from senior quarterback Michael Tellier, who completed 3 of 12 passes for 33 yards and was intercepted once. Junior Stephen Ballerino had five carries for 31 yards in his first game of the season and his second consecutive game with at least 10 carries. Sherman, who grew up in Hyde Park in Northborough, now lives in Brewster and is a regular summer visitor to Cape Cod.

He thinks families on holiday can send their children to football training or other sports camps during their time there and also hopes to keep the local population. He currently runs a hockey program at the Hyannis Youth Community Center and plans to position Total Athletics as a training center for students who want to improve their skills in football, football, basketball, baseball, lacrosse, volleyball, athletics, tennis, golf, swimming and more. The two organizations will work closely together, Sherman said, but local schools will also be provided with information about the program and its benefits for their students.

The Barnsley hockey team will not lack competition in the Premier League, but that does not apply to all sports. Whalers coach Jim Pignato said the section and national meetings could affect his team's performance. The Nantucket swimming team will compete in the national meeting in Nantucket and the regional meeting in Worcester.

Sherman pointed out not only that the islands attract athletes, but also that Plymouth and Bristol counties together have more than 1.5 million inhabitants, about a third of the total population of the Cape. The founders of Total Athletics are building a large indoor and outdoor sports facility that will serve the youth in the Cape Town region in a variety of ways and will be a destination for athletes visiting them, he said. With the help of its CEO and Executive Vice President Chris O'Brien, Total Athletics aims to provide safe and healthy opportunities for all ages.

There will be a sports hall where students will meet teachers after school and then train in a cage and play games such as pick-up basketball. There will also be an indoor football field and a field for lacrosse that can be converted into a football or lacrosse field.

The new facility will also be the Seahawks' first training facility in the NFL for the 2017 season. The Seahawks have had 11 players in training camp this year, nearly double the number they had last winter when they won Super Bowl XLVIII and the NFC Championship Game.

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