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Massachusetts beach officially reopened Monday, and as more people flock to the water, seaside restaurants across the state are preparing for more takeaway stores. Restaurants across Massachusetts were allowed to eat locally on Monday after being forced to close in March because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

From Monday, June 8, restaurants will be able to offer outdoor seating in their restaurants and outdoor tables in the parking lot. The new outdoor area of the restaurant on the second floor will accommodate five tables, each with a seating capacity of six. More outdoor seating is expected to be available on Tuesday, with eight more tables set up in a large tent on the restaurant grounds.

Once the indoor seating restrictions are lifted, all that's left is to take home, so check out our list of options for Cape Cod. All restaurants have the option to sit outside, remember that you must make a reservation in advance. We can only occupy 10 tables, which means that the seating is based on the principle "first come, first served." Reservations are not accepted and we will not accept them until Monday, June 8th, from 11 am to 10 pm.

Good evening, I just wanted to let you know about our plans for the opening on Tuesday, June 6th, from 6 to 9 pm. We are so excited about this addition and can't express it enough, we are thrilled to be able to see and serve our customers again!

In just two weeks we have transformed the grounds around the car park into a fantastic outdoor dining area. All the details of the roof are finished in just a few weeks, from the potting soil planted to the brushed porch benches that open up the new courtyard and outdoor seating area.

The brothers have owned the recently expanded Pecorino Romano's for seven years, and they have owned a restaurant in Cape Cod for five. This is the first time in the history of the restaurant chain that we have all our CapeCod restaurants in one location.

Burke said Chapin's had been stable in recent weeks, when a takeout was the only option. Molle said the shift to take-outs forced him to limit the number of opening days, but it went well. Takeout, he said, has changed its business model, with most of its customers coming out to eat outdoors on the water or the beach during the day.

He said Spanky's had found creative ways to reach customers, such as delivering directly on the beach. As more customers came, he said, "We can go back to the beaches."

The garden behind Dennis' restaurant has some of the fresh produce, and those who opt for the meatless menu can also eat vegetables. Luis explained that the local seafood is prepared daily, making the dessert menu - which also includes gelato - even more special. Walter said the menus are special because they are his creations and he uses his own ingredients and adds secret ingredients to each dish.

Molle said tables are already in place at Marina Wharf and he plans to open in the next few weeks, possibly as early as next week.

He said he expects more business because it allows him to eat - in service of capacity. He said there was "absolutely no time to move forward" because customers could now take the short drive to eat instead of the long way to the restaurant. What Main Street restaurants really need, Vayneris says, is that the city is reducing Main Street traffic to one lane, which would allow restaurant owners to extend outdoor seating to the entire sidewalk. While Hyannis and other Cape Cod communities are looking for ways to help restaurants expand their outdoor seating, Moore said his location simply doesn't offer much room for more seating.

The Quarterdeck restaurant in Falmouth is open for outdoor seating, but Spanky's has only 10 outdoor tables that can accommodate about 40 people. The new restaurant will add about 110 seats to Brewster's 130 and 84 in Dennis, respectively. Due to the high demand, the new outdoor area of the restaurant will have a limited number of seats and there will be "first come, first served."

Guests must wear a mask after being brought to their table, but can remove it while sitting. The mask must be put on when going to the bathroom, whereby guests must follow a clearly marked path. Food is served in the dining room, tables are placed on the floor in front of the bar, behind the counter and in a separate area of the restaurant.

Owner Tony Canvalho said he hoped the fine weather and open Wollaston Beach would help as he had to postpone the restaurant's opening to take precautions for COVID-19. He said his store normally opened in March, but he couldn't open two weeks ago, costing him 35 percent of his annual sales.

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