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Almost every town on Cape Cod has some sort of summer concert series, and no matter where your vacation rental is located, you are far from being free of outstanding music. There are countless such music venues in Massachusetts, but where prestigious venues don't offer music lovers a taste of their favorite genres, where do they afford their music taste - the lovers "favorite genres? Essentially, we want to bring a broader demographic on our journey and highlight the top 10 most popular music events in the state of Massachusetts. Although nowhere else outside of this state, the following 10 are considered the best, not only because of the quality of their music, but also because they are the most accessible to the general public; they are essentially shaped by a wide variety of musical styles, from classical to folk, jazz to hip-hop and everything in between.

A Johnny Cash tribute band with David Burney, featuring a special guest appearance by legendary singer and songwriter son John Cash Jr.

The show starts from 6: 00 pm to 7: 00 pm and runs from 7: 30 pm to 9: 00 pm depending on the act. It is public and free for people with a valid Massachusetts ID. Forget the show, it starts at 6 a.m., but is free and open to the public, with $5 for adults and $3 for children under 12.

Consider that Hyannis has an incredible live music scene this summer and you should find shows almost every night of the week. The Ehrenhof Stage offers live music on specific dates every day in summer and autumn. You can expect a different genre of music every week, but the shows also start at 7 p.m. and run from 6: 30 p.m. to 9: 15 p.m.

These free shows add some value to your Cape Cod vacation because you don't have to spend money to see some of the best musicians the Cape has to offer. These concerts take you to the heart of the city, right in the heart of downtown Hyannis, on the corner of Main Street and South Street.

The Boston Symphony Orchestra, the Boston Public Library and many other local and national bands and musicians. The Cape Cod Music Festival, a free concert series at the Hyannis Civic Center on Saturday night.

If you're staying in Brewster, Drummer Boy in the Park offers a free concert at Kate Gould Park on Saturday 3 June at 7pm. Kate's Gould Park also hosts a weekly concert by the Chatham Band, which starts at the end of June and runs until August. The concert is free and open to the public and is open to all ages from 19: 30 to 21: 00.

On Saturday, June 3 at 7pm at Kate Gould Park, the Chatham Band returns to Brewster for a free concert at 8pm.

The show will use the Cape Cod Canal as a backdrop and make it a spectacular place to listen to music. The concert has become a well-known part of the summer in the city, and the park, which the band has used since the establishment of a bandstand in 1994, is the venue for one of Brewster's most popular events, the Chatham Band concert.

The Cape Cod Central Railroad operates on the same timetable as the Chatham Band's concert, with scheduled weekend stops in Boston, Worcester and Cambridge, Massachusetts. The Boston and Worcester Regional Transit Authority (BRTA) and Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) offer rail service from Boston to Worcester and back, as well as to Boston.

Barnstable Municipal Airport (Polando Field) is used for regional flights, especially to and from the Capsules, and Cape Cod Airfield is a small airfield used mainly for private travel. The largest village in the county, Hyannis, is the second largest town in the county with a population of about 1,000 inhabitants. Barnstable is home to the University of Massachusetts, a college affiliated with Suffolk University in Boston two years younger. It borders CapeCod Bay to the north and Massachusetts Bay National Wildlife Refuge (MBNR) to the east, as well as the New England Wildlife Management Area (NEWMA) and Massachusetts State Park (MAWS).

On April 5, 1956, the Cape Cod Conservatory of Music Arts was awarded a charter by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Today, it continues this tradition and collects funds to provide high-quality teaching to qualified students who want to dedicate themselves to art. CapeCod Kids on Broadway is a musical theater workshop program that teaches children the basics of musical theater to prepare them for their larger - as life - stages. Barnstable has the necessary documentation for more than 5,000 students, according to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and Human Services.

The Xfinity Center in Mansfield is an outdoor amphitheater with covered and uncovered seating. The Palladium in Worcester has a large number of performers and seats are only available for general admission to its theatres. Tanglewood's 2016 season includes performances by the Boston Symphony Orchestra, Boston Ballet, New York Philharmonic and Boston Opera.

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More About Barnstable